Energy Storage News

RedT bids to create ‘leading player’ in energy storage with Avalon merger
Solar Power Portal, 25 July 2019
RedT has confirmed it has agreed outline terms for a reverse takeover of fellow vanadium redox flow battery firm Avalon, a move which the firm said would create a “leading player” in the energy storage market. Read More

Planning permission granted for Oxford 50MW lithium-vanadium hybrid battery
Energyst - 22 July 2019
Planning permission granted for the Energy SuperHub project in Oxford, UK and it will involve the installation of the world’s first transmission-connected lithium-ion and vanadium redox-flow hybrid battery. Read More

Australia's biggest behind-the-meter storage project goes live
Smart Energy - 28 June 2019
UK energy storage company redT has switched on a 1MW facility at Australia’s largest university – marking the country’s largest behind-the-meter commercial and industrial installation to date. Read More

UTSA develops systems to construct power islands and live off the grid
UTSA Today - 13 June 2019
Researchers at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have proposed the development of islanded structures or homes that operate independently on solar microgrids without the need to tap into the central power grid. Read More

CellCube Signs Agreement With Immersa for $6 Million US for Its 4th Generation Energy Storage Systems
GlobeNewswire - 12 June 2019
CellCube has signed a Commercial Framework Agreement with Immersa Ltd. which reserves production capacity and installation services for CellCube’s recently released new generation of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System. Read More

Bushveld rolls out vanadium electrolyte rental scheme
Business Day, 11 June 2019
Rental scheme for VRFBs for large industrial applications will make them more competitive as utilities and companies turn to renewable energy. Bushveld Minerals has just done it setting up a rental scheme to rent out Vanadium electrolyte component. Read More

Bushveld Minerals unveils innovative vanadium electrolyte rental venture
Proactive Investors UK - 10 June 2019
Bushveld Minerals Limited has announced a new innovative vanadium electrolyte rental product which is being launched alongside Avalon Battery Corporation. #Bushveld Energy has worked with Avalon to structure and design the rental product. Read More

Kingdom Mugadza of Tirisano Partners in Battery Storage Development
South Africa - Accesswire, 5 June 2019
Tirisano Partners is taking their partnership with several technology providers a notch higher by actively participating in the research and development of effective storage batteries for renewable energy. The new project is expected to focus on creating a cost-effective and sustainable energy repository. Read More

Graphite and the renewable revolution
Enginering Materials - 31 May 2019
All-vanadium RFBs (VRFBs) are the most commercially available and researched of the flow battery systems. They have long life cycles of 10 to 20 years, can be reused up to 10,000 times and discharge 100% of stored energy without damaging the cells’ overall performance. Read More

Vanadium: The next big thing in energy storage
Financial Post - 27 May 2019
CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc.intends to be a fully integrated producer of vanadium, vanadium electrolytes and vanadium redox flow batteries for energy-centric markets. Read More

Ultra Power Systems Pty Ltd Executes Second Payment According to the Patent Option Agreement for the Vanadiumcorp-Electrochem Processing Technology in Australia
Yahoo Finance - 23 May 2019
Ultra plans to utilize the Australian license of VanadiumCorp-Electrochem Processing Technology to expedite construction of the world's first dedicated vanadium processing facility. Ultra's core objective is to directly integrate low cost battery grade vanadium electrolyte into vanadium redox batteries Read More

EES AWARD 2019 winners with path-breaking storage solutions
PV Europe - 21 May 2019
EES AWARD 2019 winners with path-breaking storage solutions. The CellCube storage system is one of the first in the industry to offer vanadium redox flow (VRF) batteries with a 1,000 volt DC range. Read More

German storage system proves batteries ‘profitable without subsidy’
Energy Storage News - 20 May 2019
German wind developer Enertrag, Switzerland-based energy storage solutions company Leclanché and Enel Green Power (EGP) Germany, a subsidiary of Italian power giant Enel, built the €22 million (US$24.58 million) Cremzow storage system Read More

Germany's SCHMID plans Saudi energy storage JV with GW-scale production
Renewables Now - 15 May 2019
The trio will seek to create a “champion” in the utility-scale energy storage segment, with plans for a GW-scale manufacturing facility in the Kingdom. Read More

California ISO tests flow battery tech that could decrease bulk storage costs
Utility Dive - 14 May 2019
The vanadium redox battery storage pilot will provide 2 MW/8 MWh of energy storage, enough to power the equivalent of 1,000 homes for up to four hours. Read More

CellCube and Pangea Energy Have Signed LOI for 50MW/200MWh in Australia
PRNewswire - 14 May 2019
The Pangea Storage Project is a wonderful example on how renewable power generation and a safe, reliable and sustainable energy storage technology such as the Vanadium Redox-Flow battery are a perfect symbiosis to provide renewable baseload today. Read More

Another step forward for a promising new battery to store clean energy
The Ohio State University News - 13 May 2019
Researchers have built a more efficient, more reliable potassium-oxygen battery, a step toward a potential solution for energy storage on the nation’s power grid and longer-lasting batteries in cell phones and laptops. Read More

Bushveld Minerals: A large-scale battery storage contender
Mining Review - 7 May 2019
Bushveld Minerals’ energy subsidiary, Bushveld Energy, who is currently proving the viability of its first utility-scale vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB), believes that VRFBs are a front-runner technology for meeting the growing demand in the energy storage sector in Africa. Read More

California Flips Switch on First Grid-Connected Flow Battery
Government Technology - 6 May 2019
Flow batteries, an emerging technology, could be more durable and hardy than the most popular grid-scale batteries in use today. Now, California's independent system operator has hooked one up. Read More

California ISO Adds Flow Battery to the Grid
Transmission & Distribution World - 2 May 2019
The four-year pilot project aims to test and evaluate the best ways to manage and maximize new storage technology on the grid, demonstrate the economics of flow batteries and integrate renewable energy into the system. Read More

Renewable Energy Strategy in the Middle East
Alternative Energy Magazine - 3 May 2019
There is an unbroken and even accelerating deployment rate of renewables on Middle Eastern grid systems. Through this diversification of energy generation the need for storage is the best way to mitigate between demand and production of intermittent energy. Read More

Solar storage team eye green peaker plants
reNEWS - 24 Apr 2019
Canadian company CellCube is teaming up with Hive Energy and Immersa to jointly build and develop grid-scale solar and energy storage projects in the UK. Read More

NEXTracker Inaugurates Expanded Bifacial Solar Test Facility
CleanTechnica - 23 Apr 2019
The goal of the testing is to optimize the configuration of bifacial panels on the company’s NX Horizon trackers for future deployments globally. Read More

Chemours partners UET to boost flow batteries in marketplace
Energy Storage News - 23 Apr 2019
Chemours Company, an American chemistry firm has teamed up with Washington-headquartered redox flow battery manufacturer UniEnergy Technology (UET) with an eye on increasing flow battery technology uptake in the market. Read More

This Tweak Could Be A Gamechanger For Lithium-Ion Batteries Apr 2019
Researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute this month announced they had achieved much faster charging rates in lithium ion batteries by replacing the usual cobalt oxide used together with lithium in the cathode with vanadium disulfide. Read More

Busselton farmer's renewable energy win
Busselton Dunsborough Mail - 17 Apr 2019
A Busselton farmer has not had to pay for any of the energy they used for more than two and a half years after installing a renewable energy device. Read More

Vanadium disulphide stabilised for faster charging batteries
The Engineer - 17 Apr 2019
Researchers have overcome an obstacle hindering the use of vanadium disulphide in lithium-ion batteries, an advance that could lead to quicker charging without compromising capacity. Read More

First centre of innovation for energy sector will support SMEs and start-ups in clean energy projects
The Straits Times - 16 Apr 2019
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups working on clean energy projects can tap test beds, research and funding offered by the first centre of innovation for the energy sector. Read More

Cellcube Announces New Performance Levels for Flow Batteries
PRNewswire (press release) - 10 Apr 2019
The energy storage systems reach new performance and flexibility standards for flow batteries in terms of cycling, power-rating, efficiency and lifetime. Read More

‘Flow machine’ maker redT gets £3.2m funding needed to power projects
Energy Storage News - 10 Apr 2019
Energy storage firm redT has landed more than £3 million (US$3.92 million) from an open share offer, effectively securing its immediate future. Read More

‘World first’ grid-scale lithium-vanadium hybrid project will be in the UK
Energy Storage News - 3 Apr 2019
Pivot Power will collaborate with manufacturer and system integrator redT on what is claimed to be the world’s first grid-scale hybrid battery energy storage project to use a combination of lithium-ion and vanadium technologies. Read More

RedT future plunged into doubt as strategic review, new fundraising drives launched
Solar Power Portal - 15 Mar 2019
The future of vanadium flow machine company redT has been plunged into doubt after it launched a strategic review of its ongoing business. Read More

All Systems Flow: StorEn Batteries In Critical Test Phase
Innovate Long Island - 25 Feb 2019
A vanadium flow battery developed by Stony Brook-based clean-gen company StorEn Technologies is being put through its paces by Unique Technical Services, a 2012 launch spun out of SBU’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center. Read More

Protean subsidiary KORID Energy tested a battery with more power and more density than expected
Stockhead - 20 Feb 2019
A 50 per cent-owned subsidiary of vanadium battery tech developer Protean Energy has exceeded expectations in a battery trial in South Korea. Read More

Novel Battery Undergoing Tests at AERTC
Stony Brook News - 19 Feb 2019
Stony Brook University energy researchers will be testing a prototype storage battery called a vanadium flow battery that is designed to be more energy efficient than existing flow batteries used in industry and have added commercial value and residential applications. Read More

CellCube Announces Strategic Partnership With Immersa in UK
PRNewswire - 31 Jan 2019
CELLCUBE and Immersa are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to deliver large scale vanadium redox flow battery systems into the UK market. Read More

St Elmo Project vanadium battery partnership in place
The North West Star - 22 Jan 2019
Multicom Resources Limited says its vanadium has been verified for use by New York-based StorEn Technologies (StorEn) proprietary Vanadium Flow Batteries. Read More

Battery storage is the fastest-growing industry sector on the planet (which could save the planet) - 22 Jan 2019
Billions of dollars are being invested worldwide in the developing battery boom, involving research into storage techniques to use the growing surpluses of cheap renewable energy now becoming available. Read More

CellCube Announces Energy Storage Sales to Germany and Czech Republic
PRNewswire - 22 Jan 2019
CellCube continues to sell into the energy storage market and has closed on the sale of another two modular energy storage systems ("FB Modular"). Read More

VRB Energy Announces Final Commissioning of 12 Megawatt Hour Vanadium Flow Battery
Globe Newswire - 14 January 2019
Phase 1 of the 40 Megawatt Hour ("MWh") vanadium-redox-battery energy-storage-system (VRB-ESS®) at Zaoyang, Hubei Province, China, with a 3 MW/12 MWh storage system is commencing operation.
The VRB-ESS is being used to integrate a large solar photovoltaic system into the local electricity grid, and the current 12Mwh installation is the largest VRB-ESS® built in China to date. Read More

Iowa's first solar and storage power plant goes live at the Maharishi University of Management
PRNewswire - 7 January 2019
Next Generation Technology - The cutting edge facility incorporates both single-axis tracking and vanadium-flow battery energy storage. Designed by Ideal Energy, Inc., it is the first system of its kind in the Midwest and among the most technologically advanced solar installations in the United States. Read More

CellCube Announces Sale of FB Modular to Project in Franc
7 January - 2019
CellCube Storage Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of a modular energy storage system ("FB Modular") to a French multi-national green energy developer for their internal technology proof of concept.
"Vanadium flow batteries with their long useful life time of more than 30 years is ideally suited to take on the role of balancing peak power and at the same time provide flexibility in the grid system, which rivals conventional power generation at grid demand needs. Read More