Energy Storage News

Energy Storage News

Clean Technology Expert Praises Vanadium Flow Battery, 6 June 2017.

The Most Beautiful Metal, 24 February 2017, by Richard (Rick) Mills

U3O8 Corp. Enhances its Battery Commodity Focus by Joining Vanitec - the Only Global Vanadium Organization - to Provide Access to Battery Research and Development, 23 February 2017

Smartphone Overheating Problem Solved, Vanadium Nanobeams to the Rescue, 3 February 2017, by The Financial Express

Swatch Have Developed Super Battery For Electric Cars, 1 February 2017, by Daniela Jesus.

Vanadium Stealing Some of Lithium’s Limelight?, 27 January 2017, by: Lara Smith

For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat, 26 January 2017, by Sarah Yang

Swiss Watchmaker Swatch Pioneers New Electric Vehicle Battery Technology, 3 January 2017, by Paul Maric

Cheap, Sustainable Battery for Grid Energy Storage Could Be on the Horizon, 3 January 2017, by Ravi Mandalia 

Swatch to Launch EV Battery to Take on Tesla Stronghold, 23 December 2016, by John Marx

Watchmaker Swatch goes into car batteries as investors question strategy, 22 December 2016, by Silke Koltrowitz

Vanadium Batteries Become Option for Solar Panel Owners Looking for Lithium-ion Alternatives, 8 December 2016, by: Kathryn Diss