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Golden Share Announces Satisfactory Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Phase Two Trial
Resource World, 17 October 2018

Based on the successful phase one trial, the phase two trial was conducted during the summer of 2018, in Changsha, a city in southern China known for its hot, humid summers. The phase two trial successfully supported a wider temperature operating range, particular at higher temperatures, which is regarded as a specific reliability improvement of the licensed vanadium electrolyte (“VE”) developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. During the phase two trial, the licensed vanadium electrolyte was continually and stably operating, without any cooling being applied, at 113° Fahrenheit or 45° Celsius (with an air temperature of approximately 95°Fahrenheit or 35° Celsius). The licensed vanadium electrolyte has advantages over previous generations, including a wider temperature operating range (approximately 10° Celsius higher operating temperature) and higher energy density (approximately 25% minimum greater). As the most important component of vanadium redox flow battery (“VRFB”), in principle a better vanadium electrolyte can be expected to improve overall vanadium redox flow battery performance.

Protean Energy secures controlling stake in Korean vanadium-focused subsidiary
Proactive Investors Australia, 17 October 2018

rotean energy expert Scott Davis said the company was pleased to increase ownership in KORID during an exciting time for the company and strong growth in the global battery market.
"KORID's selection by the South Korean government as the lead developer and supplier of the stack component of the battery is significant validation of KORID's expertise in stack technology. This increased stake in KORID gives Protean Energy a controlling interest in the V-KOR battery technology. There is significant potential emerging in the vanadium battery storage market and Protean is now placed to capitalise on further advancements in this technology."
Research from TechNavio predicts the global vanadium market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.24% during the 2017-2021 period, with vanadium redox flow batteries a key driver.